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Seventh Anniversary~

  Hi! Today we're celebrating seven years of Creatalsoftware existing, and It Is Too Dark 's initial release. Seven years! It's really weird to think that much time has passed already. Today, I'd like to show some various updates, and also give some more thoughts in reflection of my works. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Garenburg Penitence: The Riflebird The game progress is going well! Very well! It's just unfortunately difficult to talk about without going into spoilers. So, here's instead a little look at one of the work-in-progress dual path levels! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Untitled 3D Project In some extra time, I've experimented a little bit with an untitled 3D project. Having never made any 3D games previously, this has been an interesting and educational experience and a lot of fun! I'd like to pursue further working on it sometime in the future when Garenburg P

Garenburg Penitence Development Update, Websites Revamp

Hello! Well, time to get into the game news. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Garenburg Penitence: The Riflebird A new mode has been added. The mode is Unwind Mode , which allows the player to have a more relaxed experience. Instead of having the usual music for each world, it instead has a playlist of guitar tracks that are shuffled through. The music here is made by the talented YASUpochiGuitar! You can find his channel here ! You may know him from the game Ib, as he composed various tracks such as Garry's theme, the intro music, and the credits theme. Music can also be changed to be the regular music which plays in Classic mode, the unique music that plays during modes other than Classic, or any specific guitar track to keep looping. Additionally, a demo will be releasing at some point in June! It will be free and have a few handpicked levels, and feedback on it will go to improving the final version before it releases. Stay tuned for more i

Official Discord Server / Garenburg Penitence Custom Level Support / Garenburg Woods 1.0.2

Hello! Here's the main news. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Official Discord Server We now have an official Discord server. Please see here for the invite! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Garenburg Penitence: The Riflebird A development update about the custom level support! See here for more information! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Garenburg Woods A new update patch and achievements guide are available.  See here for more information! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Nothing too new right now, that is pretty much it. Thanks for reading!

Garenburg Penitence Announcement / Garenburg Woods Planned Content Update

Hello! It's been a bit, so I'll cut to the chase. This has been a long while into development, but I feel that now is a good time to announce this news. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Garenburg Penitence: The Riflebird The second game in the Garenburg series is in development! Please see here for the official website , here for the trailer , and here for the Steam page . The gameplay is firing spheres and matching colors. This game is heavily influenced and inspired by a few titles, including Luxor, Sparkle, Tumblebugs  and other marble popper games from the 2000s, Irisu Syndrome , and Serial Experiments Lain (for the PlayStation 1). I realize those are weird inspirations, but they are there for a reason. For those who have played a marble popper game, I want to make it clear that the gameplay of Garenburg Penitence is both very similar with many different mechanics for a fresh and unique experience. The player cannot control their movem

6th Anniversary - Upcoming Plans

6th Anniversary! It's now the sixth anniversary for Creatalsoft. That is incredible. In the past years, a total of 6 games were finished (7 if you count All You Need to Know: Original Seventeen ) and one of which being a commercial product (Garenburg Woods). This will unfortunately be a brief anniversary, because are plans for some things upcoming first. When that happens, which should be very, very soon, there will be plenty of news. But in the meantime, thank you to everybody who has made the past six years such a blast! Take care, and expect news very, very soon. Sooner than you may expect.

5th Anniversary - Announcements and Plans

Been quite a while! It's really incredible being able to say that this is the 5th anniversary of Creatalsoftware, so let's get some things talked about. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Garenburg Woods Garenburg Woods is set to release incredibly soon, with just some bug testing, fixes, and the like remaining. It's aiming to be released this year, and the release will be sooner than expected! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The Riflebird The Riflebird is a newly announced project that started in February last year, and it's been having steady and strong development. Expect more information in the future. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you once again for encouragement and reading this, I'm more than excited to finish up these projects and share more information once it's all ready! Farewell for now and thank you for an incredible five years!

The Möbius Transformation (Sequel to The Möbius Strip) - Game Release

I'd like to simultaneously announce and release a new game! Surprise!  It's a sequel to The Möbius Strip from last year, and this time... there's a new test to be performed. You do not need to have played the original game; it is a standalone project.  Welcome to The Möbius Transformation , a brand new story with a new experiment.  Huge thanks to Emrys for helping make some new artwork for this project!  Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux  Engine: RPG Maker MV  Genre: Puzzle  Minimum Requirements: it's an rpg maker game, you'll be fine  Warning: Discretion advised, has disturbing content Downloads: ~Google Drive~ A novella exists for the game as well, which can be found here.