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News may include information regarding new projects such as games, updates, plans, and other various additional developments. To prevent spam, there will be no posts regarding any novellas, and you can instead see the novella site for novella-related news.
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~Projects and Games~

The Möbius Transformation (Sequel to The Möbius Strip) - Game Release

I'd like to simultaneously announce and release a new game! Surprise! 
It's a sequel to The Möbius Strip from last year, and this time... there's a new test to be performed. You do not need to have played the original game; it is a standalone project. 
Welcome to The Möbius Transformation, a brand new story with a new experiment. 
Huge thanks to Emrys for helping make some new artwork for this project! 
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux  Engine: RPG Maker MV  Genre: Puzzle  Minimum Requirements: it's an rpg maker game, you'll be fine  Warning: Discretion advised, has disturbing content
Downloads: ~Google Drive~
A novella exists for the game as well, which can be found here.

Creatalsoft 4th Anniversary Celebration

Hello everybody!
It is my pleasure to say that Creatalsoftware and the debut game, It Is Too Dark, are both now four years old! We've come a long way since then, and have plenty more planned and being worked on! To celebrate, we have a few things here below that are certainly exciting.
Garenburg Woods All You Need to Know Update
Unfortunately, these two projects are continuing to have slow development due to less time to work on them and a greater focus on a new project. There is more information later in this post, but that is the truth. Both projects could easily be rushed and completed as a result, especially with how Garenburg Woods has several key parts developed, but we wish for the quality to be much better which is why it has not been finished. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
The Development of It Is Too Dark, Uni…

Those Who Sleep + Garenburg Woods Website

Happy Halloween!

Hoping everybody is having a horrific and fun day! We have some small things to present to celebrate this holiday that may be interesting.


Clipcloak Cancellation
The small miniseries that was to be made, Clipcloak, was set onto a hiatus since the first episode was released in April 2018. Clipcloak was a small comedic and somewhat bizarre series of episodes, and they involved usage of some puppets for filming. Unfortunately, there wasn't a huge plan with the series and it's not exactly something salvageable. As a result, it will not be continued or publicly available. Apologies to anybody who was interested in seeing more of the series. But don't worry, the puppets aren't going away forever! They have their own purpose and will show up again.

Those Who Sleep
They're waiting for their resolve...


Twisted Mirror 1.1.1 ~ Bug Patch and Trailer

Twisted Mirror 1.1.1 ~ Bug Patch and Trailer
This is just a quick bug fix to repair No Mistakes Mode, which previously broke in the new update. Info about the 1.1.0 update can be found here, as all new features are also in 1.1.1!

Official Trailer

Along with the new update, an official trailer has been released for the game! You can watch it here or on Youtube!


Fixed the bug where Level 2 would loop infinitely in No Mistakes ModeAdded a debug trigger with F4 to see level variablesFixed some incorrect text in the Local Versus menuOther various bug fixes ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Version 1.1.1 Download Links
Google Play (Android)

Google Drive Download (Windows)

IndieDB Page
Gamejolt Page
HTML Version

Twisted Mirror 1.1.0 ~ Local Versus and Mobile Support

Twisted Mirror 1.1.0 ~ Local Versus and Mobile Support
The fabled 1.1.0 update is here, with a requested feature of Multiplayer, mobile support, and more levels! Let's take a look at everything!


Local Multiplayer Versus

It's here! When you select Multiplayer Versus from the Title Screen, you can play with a friend in a race to defeat each level! Whoever gets to the end first gains two points, and if a player dies then the other player gets a point. There's also an option of skipping levels with death to make a very fast battle! Grab a friend, and see who is the best!

Mobile Support

Android users, you will be able to play the full game on Mobile after the 1.1.1 patch! The release will be later this week, but know that it won't be very long from now and will be in Google Play! In addition, the HTML port also has these mobile support so that anybody can play the game in their web browser, whether it's…

(Originally Posted 3/3/19) The Möbius Strip

This was originally posted on 3/3/19 to the Novella site, before the News site was created. It has been moved so that the Novella site can have purely written stories.
----------------------------------------------------------------------~The Möbius Strip~
The Möbius Strip is a very short game, consisting of three acts. There are puzzles and the game has some scenes similar to a text adventure. It's not incredibly difficult, and a walkthrough can be found here.
This game was made in two weeks with a small team using RPG Maker MV.
A scientist, famous for making a sense-enhancing innovation, is recruited to work for the Silver Bed Foundation on a new project: a way to make immortality real.
For strange reasons, the game cannot be played successfully on Android devices. However, it is playable on iOS using the browser edition.
NOTE: The HTML/Mobile edition differs from the regular release for Windows/Mac/Linux, as the regular release creates and reads text files and utilizes this for …

Official Subreddit, The Möbius Strip Novella, and Twisted Mirror

Today happens to be the third anniversary of Unicode's release, so to celebrate there is some nice new stuff!
Official Garenburg Subreddit
We now have an official subreddit! This is dedicated to Garenburg, although other Creatalsoft projects can be freely discussed. The site can now allow any bug reports, discussions of the games, or other stuff. You can visit the subreddit at r/Garenburg! Please note that as this is still a new thing, there is still some more tweaking needed to be done to make it the best it can be. For now, you can go and do stuff on it however you like!
The Möbius Strip (Novella)
While it isn't finished yet, there is a novella in the works for the game The Möbius Strip which was released in March this year. The game is free to play, and the novella will clear up some possibly confusing parts of the game and a…