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~Projects and Games~

(Originally Posted 3/3/19) The Möbius Strip

This was originally posted on 3/3/19 to the Novella site, before the News site was created. It has been moved so that the Novella site can have purely written stories.
----------------------------------------------------------------------~The Möbius Strip~
The Möbius Strip is a very short game, consisting of three acts. There are puzzles and the game has some scenes similar to a text adventure. It's not incredibly difficult, and a walkthrough can be found here.
This game was made in two weeks with a small team using RPG Maker MV.
A scientist, famous for making a sense-enhancing innovation, is recruited to work for the Silver Bed Foundation on a new project: a way to make immortality real.
For strange reasons, the game cannot be played successfully on Android devices. However, it is playable on iOS using the browser edition.
NOTE: The HTML/Mobile edition differs from the regular release for Windows/Mac/Linux, as the regular release creates and reads text files and utilizes this for …

Official Subreddit, The Möbius Strip Novella, and Twisted Mirror

Today happens to be the third anniversary of Unicode's release, so to celebrate there is some nice new stuff!
Official Garenburg Subreddit
We now have an official subreddit! This is dedicated to Garenburg, although other Creatalsoft projects can be freely discussed. The site can now allow any bug reports, discussions of the games, or other stuff. You can visit the subreddit at r/Garenburg! Please note that as this is still a new thing, there is still some more tweaking needed to be done to make it the best it can be. For now, you can go and do stuff on it however you like!
The Möbius Strip (Novella)
While it isn't finished yet, there is a novella in the works for the game The Möbius Strip which was released in March this year. The game is free to play, and the novella will clear up some possibly confusing parts of the game and a…

All You Need to Know ~ Massive Revamp + Original Seventeen

I'm pleased to announce that the project All You Need to Know finally has some news!

For those who don't know, All You Need to Know was a sequel to It Is Too Dark. The gameplay for each involves using a flashlight to see both platforms and yourself, and it is a platformer. You can find the original here.

The sequel was announced in April 2016, before a huge project named Unicode was finished and released. The game was planned to be released in 2017, but due to a lack of time to put effort into it, the game only got 17 levels in two years. The original game has a total of 20 levels and was made in a month, so it's clear that with more time put into it the game would have been finished long ago.

And this is actually a good thing in a way. Going through the old code, the game had been much less efficient and had plentiful issues that could not be addressed easily unless I scrapped everything and remade the project. And that's what I did... in a way.

All of the 17 levels …