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Garenburg Penitence Announcement / Garenburg Woods Planned Content Update

Hello! It's been a bit, so I'll cut to the chase. This has been a long while into development, but I feel that now is a good time to announce this news. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Garenburg Penitence: The Riflebird The second game in the Garenburg series is in development! Please see here for the official website , here for the trailer , and here for the Steam page . The gameplay is firing spheres and matching colors. This game is heavily influenced and inspired by a few titles, including Luxor, Sparkle, Tumblebugs  and other marble popper games from the 2000s, Irisu Syndrome , and Serial Experiments Lain (for the PlayStation 1). I realize those are weird inspirations, but they are there for a reason. For those who have played a marble popper game, I want to make it clear that the gameplay of Garenburg Penitence is both very similar with many different mechanics for a fresh and unique experience. The player cannot control their movem