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Twisted Mirror 1.1.1 ~ Bug Patch and Trailer

Twisted Mirror 1.1.1 ~ Bug Patch and Trailer This is just a quick bug fix to repair No Mistakes Mode, which previously broke in the new update. Info about the 1.1.0 update can be found here, as all new features are also in 1.1.1! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Official Trailer Along with the new update, an official trailer has been released for the game! You can watch it here or on Youtube! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Changelog: Fixed the bug where Level 2 would loop infinitely in No Mistakes Mode Added a debug trigger with F4 to see level variables Fixed some incorrect text in the Local Versus menu Other various bug fixes ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.1.1 Download Links Google Play (Android) Google Drive Download (Windows) IndieDB Page Gamejolt Page HTML Version

Twisted Mirror 1.1.0 ~ Local Versus and Mobile Support

Twisted Mirror 1.1.0 ~ Local Versus and Mobile Support The fabled 1.1.0 update is here, with a requested feature of Multiplayer, mobile support, and more levels! Let's take a look at everything! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Local Multiplayer Versus It's here! When you select Multiplayer Versus from the Title Screen, you can play with a friend in a race to defeat each level! Whoever gets to the end first gains two points, and if a player dies then the other player gets a point. There's also an option of skipping levels with death to make a very fast battle! Grab a friend, and see who is the best! Mobile Support Android users, you will be able to play the full game on Mobile after the 1.1.1 patch! The release will be later this week, but know that it won't be very long from now and will be in Google Play! In addition, the HTML port also has these mobile support so that anybody can play the game in their w