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5th Anniversary - Announcements and Plans

Been quite a while! It's really incredible being able to say that this is the 5th anniversary of Creatalsoftware, so let's get some things talked about. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Garenburg Woods Garenburg Woods is set to release incredibly soon, with just some bug testing, fixes, and the like remaining. It's aiming to be released this year, and the release will be sooner than expected! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Garenburg Penitence This is a three-part project, and it's all the same story - it's just going to be split into three chunks that are aimed to be released and finished this year, but there's a reason behind that, Garenburg Penitence is a newly announced project that started in February last year, and it's been having steady and strong development. It tells the story of Marjory Garen, and the start, beginning, and end of the Lunacy. The project is going to be thr