5th Anniversary - Announcements and Plans

Been quite a while!

It's really incredible being able to say that this is the 5th anniversary of Creatalsoftware, so let's get some things talked about.


Garenburg Woods

Garenburg Woods is set to release incredibly soon, with just some bug testing, fixes, and the like remaining. It's aiming to be released this year, and the release will be sooner than expected!


Garenburg Penitence

This is a three-part project, and it's all the same story - it's just going to be split into three chunks that are aimed to be released and finished this year, but there's a reason behind that,

Garenburg Penitence is a newly announced project that started in February last year, and it's been having steady and strong development. It tells the story of Marjory Garen, and the start, beginning, and end of the Lunacy.

The project is going to be three parts because... it's complicated. The first part will be GREEN DRESS, a short game developed to be released for the Nintendo Game Boy as homebrew. It'll be playable as a standalone application with the file included. The second will be the main story, to be published to the Nintendo New 3DS in the eShop, and will be closer to a novel with some interactive elements than anything else. More information on this will be revealed in the future.

The third part, The Riflebird, will be released for PC with other platforms to be determined, but will bundle both GREEN DRESS and the 3DS title together, and be the main experience with a marble-popping arcade-style gameplay, numerous game modes and levels, local multiplayer competitive, and more. This is what the main project is, so it'll be released last and take the most time to complete.

There will be a lot more information in the coming months for this, and especially after Garenburg Woods releases this year. The aim is for the full project to be released by the end of 2021, although there may be some delay.

Expect a teaser video soon...


Thank you once again for encouragement and reading this, I'm more than excited to finish up these projects and share more information once it's all ready! Farewell for now and thank you for an incredible five years!

~Merso Aweheo