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Seventh Anniversary~

  Hi! Today we're celebrating seven years of Creatalsoftware existing, and It Is Too Dark 's initial release. Seven years! It's really weird to think that much time has passed already. Today, I'd like to show some various updates, and also give some more thoughts in reflection of my works. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Garenburg Penitence: The Riflebird The game progress is going well! Very well! It's just unfortunately difficult to talk about without going into spoilers. So, here's instead a little look at one of the work-in-progress dual path levels! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Untitled 3D Project In some extra time, I've experimented a little bit with an untitled 3D project. Having never made any 3D games previously, this has been an interesting and educational experience and a lot of fun! I'd like to pursue further working on it sometime in the future when Garenburg P