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"Monthly" Devlog #3 - 2/14/2024 - Riflebird Multiplayer, Charmolypi Valentines Update, 8th Anniversary

  "Monthly" Devlog #3 - 2/14/2024 Hello everybody! This was supposed to come way sooner, but I wound up missing two devlogs. I missed December with the holidays and then got laryngitis and then got COVID and missed January and didn't get much work done, whoops... ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Garenburg Penitence: The Riflebird Multiplayer Versus There hasn't been too much work because of holidays and illness in the last few months, but it's what I've been recovering so I've been putting time into it again lately! Since the Steam Remote Play Together festival is happening right now, why not some looks at the multiplayer? How multiplayer currently works is that there are two game modes, being Survival and Score. Survival is pretty self-explanatory; whoever lets spheres hit the end first loses. Score is also fairly self explanatory in that you need to get the highest score first. Score can be based off either a set goa