"Monthly" Devlog #3 - 2/14/2024 - Riflebird Multiplayer, Charmolypi Valentines Update, 8th Anniversary


"Monthly" Devlog #3 - 2/14/2024

Hello everybody!

This was supposed to come way sooner, but I wound up missing two devlogs. I missed December with the holidays and then got laryngitis and then got COVID and missed January and didn't get much work done, whoops...


Garenburg Penitence: The Riflebird

Multiplayer Versus

There hasn't been too much work because of holidays and illness in the last few months, but it's what I've been recovering so I've been putting time into it again lately!

Since the Steam Remote Play Together festival is happening right now, why not some looks at the multiplayer?

How multiplayer currently works is that there are two game modes, being Survival and Score. Survival is pretty self-explanatory; whoever lets spheres hit the end first loses. Score is also fairly self explanatory in that you need to get the highest score first.

Score can be based off either a set goal on whoever reaches it first, which means that accuracy is essential to speed up there, or who has the highest score in a set amount of time.

There are six worlds, so there's a unique level for each world and both players are side by side on the same screen. Each player also has the same sphere color order on their paths for fairness.

I'm aiming to polish it up quite a bit more, but it's a nice little competitive mode to play time to time! I've played it with a few friends across the globe over remote play, and it's worked well enough from there. And you'll be able to try it soon enough once the game drops!


Surprise! I was working on this to initially celebrate the 8th anniversary (see below) of Creatalsoft, but it got delayed because I decided to try and shove it into the actual game and then I got even more ill.

Charmolypi's had a small content update, adding a very short little side story into the base game that you can read. The game itself is already like, 20 minutes, so this adds... maybe 3 minutes of content, so generous! It's really just a short little thing that is now intended for Valentines day, hence this devlog coming today.

I want to make Charmolpy a yearly thing each June, so expect to see Cass and Afeil again in a few months! They'll be waiting!

Creatalsoft 8th Anniversary

January 26th this year was the 8th anniversary of Creatalsoft! That's incredibly weird to think about! Honestly, it's really nice to be just here, having made a bunch of projects and still working on more. There's so much that I want to do, and so much I've done so far and it's a dream come true. Games are an amazing medium for entertainment and storytelling, and it's been awesome to try my hand at it.

Funny enough, of that time, most of it's been on Garenburg-related projects. Garenburg was conceptualized back in early 2017, only a year after beginning to make and publish games, and summer that year was when development of Garenburg Woods began. It got tons of delays because of life coming up and wound up having a lot of gaps in development time which is what caused it to released in 2021 instead, but even when that wasn't the main project, Garenburg was still at the forefront in other ways. Between The Mobius Strip in 2019 and starting development of Garenburg Penitence in 2020, it's been consistently a focus over the years and it's been really interesting with how everything's grown.

Now, in the present, there's been multiple games released, plans for a lot more content and ideas to be fleshed out. Garenburg Penitence is nearly complete, Garenburg Woods has been out for two years, Charmolypi exists as a nice little story, and plenty of other little projects have come out over the years. I'm really happy.

A large amount of my life has been with game development and I'm just glad to be here and thankful for all the support I've gotten!


It's weird to write an anniversary post late, and it's also weird that it's the anniversary, but I'm really glad to be here and working on games to this day. Games are one of my biggest passions and I love being able to make them and share them with people. So thank you for reading this, and thank you for playing; I cannot understate how much it means to me.

Until next month!