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Monthly Devlog #1 - 10/19/2023 - Colorblind Options & Riflebird Progress

Monthly Devlog #1 - 10/19/2023 Well, this is new. I've been wanting to do something like this for a while but haven't had the chance to, so I'll be trying to have a little development update once a month (hopefully towards the middle of the month) with any updates as well as info if there wasn't much progress. It's going to be formatted like past development posts, but I'm also going to try formatting these a bit differently for better readability. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Garenburg Penitence: The Riflebird Remaining Progress I'll actually just be blunt and say the game is almost done, but still a bit away from releasing. What's left to add, you may wonder? The final level and a bonus level as a tribute to Irisu Syndrome Finishing writing the files you can read Level editor improvements Bug fixes, testing, and quality of life improvements Yeah, that's pretty much it! We're really close to release now!