All You Need to Know ~ Massive Revamp + Original Seventeen

I'm pleased to announce that the project All You Need to Know finally has some news!

For those who don't know, All You Need to Know was a sequel to It Is Too Dark. The gameplay for each involves using a flashlight to see both platforms and yourself, and it is a platformer. You can find the original here.

The sequel was announced in April 2016, before a huge project named Unicode was finished and released. The game was planned to be released in 2017, but due to a lack of time to put effort into it, the game only got 17 levels in two years. The original game has a total of 20 levels and was made in a month, so it's clear that with more time put into it the game would have been finished long ago.

And this is actually a good thing in a way. Going through the old code, the game had been much less efficient and had plentiful issues that could not be addressed easily unless I scrapped everything and remade the project. And that's what I did... in a way.

All of the 17 levels from before have been removed from the final planned game, but those have been archived in the Original Seventeen download. You can go check it out, because it displays some nice mechanics and what the game was like before the revamp.

Now for the actual revamp... this is the fun part. I'm gathering some people to help with the project and make it much better. Before, it was only me working on stuff. With a team, everything can improve in so many different ways. This means improved level design, new mechanics, more levels, and we're actually going to reach the original planned 100 levels. It will be, in every way, significantly better than the Original Seventeen.

I'm also going to attempt to add mobile support for Android users, and there is a chance that sometime in the future iOS users will be able to try it too. This is not a guarantee, however, as exports may have issues for numerous reasons due to engine constraints.

Finally, Garenburg Woods (a happy RPG) will continue to be a top priority for development. It is planned to be finished before the end of this year, and then full time effort will go into working on this game. You can expect a new update sometime after Garenburg Woods is released!

That's basically it! I'm very pleased to announce all this info! Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you soon!

~Merso Aweheo, founder of Creatalsoftware


All You Need to Know (IndieDB Page)

Original Seventeen (Google Drive Download)

Original Seventeen (IndieDB Download)