Official Subreddit, The Möbius Strip Novella, and Twisted Mirror


Today happens to be the third anniversary of Unicode's release, so to celebrate there is some nice new stuff!


Official Garenburg Subreddit

We now have an official subreddit! This is dedicated to Garenburg, although other Creatalsoft projects can be freely discussed. The site can now allow any bug reports, discussions of the games, or other stuff. You can visit the subreddit at r/Garenburg! Please note that as this is still a new thing, there is still some more tweaking needed to be done to make it the best it can be. For now, you can go and do stuff on it however you like!


The Möbius Strip (Novella)

While it isn't finished yet, there is a novella in the works for the game The Möbius Strip which was released in March this year. The game is free to play, and the novella will clear up some possibly confusing parts of the game and also build further on the world and scenario. The novella will be extremely similar to the original game, but with a few tweaks to be better and give previous players of the game something new. Stay tuned for this release, which is planned to be put on the novella site sometime next month!


Twisted Mirror: A Reflected Platformer

You can now play the new game Twisted Mirror in your browser or as an executable on Windows! Twisted Mirror is a platformer where you must utilize both sides of a split screen to see what platforms are around and where to go. The right side is mirrored of the left side, and only some platforms are visible on each side. Use each side to successfully navigate your way to the portal to the next level!

>Unique usage of dual screens to play
>Ten levels (as of 1.0.0) with more planned
>Enemies to dodge as you attempt to reach the portal
>Longer, tower-like levels for even more fun
>No Mistakes Mode: die once, and restart the entire game! Your high score will be saved!


That's all for now! Hopefully this update is enjoyable, and stay tuned for more!