Those Who Sleep + Garenburg Woods Website

Happy Halloween!

Hoping everybody is having a horrific and fun day! We have some small things to present to celebrate this holiday that may be interesting.


Clipcloak Cancellation

The small miniseries that was to be made, Clipcloak, was set onto a hiatus since the first episode was released in April 2018. Clipcloak was a small comedic and somewhat bizarre series of episodes, and they involved usage of some puppets for filming. Unfortunately, there wasn't a huge plan with the series and it's not exactly something salvageable. As a result, it will not be continued or publicly available. Apologies to anybody who was interested in seeing more of the series. But don't worry, the puppets aren't going away forever! They have their own purpose and will show up again.


Those Who Sleep

They're waiting for their resolve...


Garenburg Woods Website

We now have an official website for Garenburg Woods! It's a neat little thing available at The game is still in development - it's just been slowed due to a large amount of work being required elsewhere.


That's all for now! Have a wonderful Halloween!