The Möbius Transformation (Sequel to The Möbius Strip) - Game Release

I'd like to simultaneously announce and release a new game! Surprise! 

It's a sequel to The Möbius Strip from last year, and this time... there's a new test to be performed. You do not need to have played the original game; it is a standalone project. 

Welcome to The Möbius Transformation, a brand new story with a new experiment. 

Huge thanks to Emrys for helping make some new artwork for this project! 

Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux 
Engine: RPG Maker MV 
Genre: Puzzle 
Minimum Requirements: it's an rpg maker game, you'll be fine 
Warning: Discretion advised, has disturbing content


A novella exists for the game as well, which can be found here.


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