Garenburg Penitence Development Update, Websites Revamp


Well, time to get into the game news.


Garenburg Penitence: The Riflebird

A new mode has been added. The mode is Unwind Mode, which allows the player to have a more relaxed experience. Instead of having the usual music for each world, it instead has a playlist of guitar tracks that are shuffled through. The music here is made by the talented YASUpochiGuitar! You can find his channel here! You may know him from the game Ib, as he composed various tracks such as Garry's theme, the intro music, and the credits theme.

Music can also be changed to be the regular music which plays in Classic mode, the unique music that plays during modes other than Classic, or any specific guitar track to keep looping.

Additionally, a demo will be releasing at some point in June! It will be free and have a few handpicked levels, and feedback on it will go to improving the final version before it releases. Stay tuned for more information!



The main website has been heavily updated and revamped! It is now much nicer and updated with current information about various projects.


That's all. Thanks for reading!