Monthly Devlog #2 - 11/26/2023 - File System, Amonia's Gallery Art

Monthly Devlog #2 - 11/26/2023

Here's the monthly development update!


Garenburg Penitence: The Riflebird

File System

There isn't too much that I can unfortunately show off this month, but that's because the focus has been on the most incomplete part: the file system. The file system is a series of logs of conversations, diary entries, and other documents that outline past of Garenburg, and how it wound up where it is, so it's definitely important! For the longest time, most focus has gone to the actual gameplay and levels, but since those are so close to being completely done, I can readjust my focus on what I need to.

The file system has also had several rewrites to try and make the writing a bit better or improve areas where it's just... not great. I believe this is either the third or fourth rewrite, and it's going well. I'm hoping to have it completely done within the next month or two, because once that's set... all I'll need to do is have testing, quality of life fixes for remaining suggestions, and wrap it up for the launch!

In the meantime, to actually give a little bit of something to see from the game, how about some of the graphics?

Amonia's Gallery Art

For the fourth world/theme, Amonia's Gallery, I chose to take an approach of having actual physical art be used! Most of the art for this game is all made digitally, so this world is an exception that all levels and even the player and spheres were made using physical art tools. Some of the levels were made with paint and others with watercolor.

For example, here's the first level of the world (which is also in the demo), "Carpenter's Dream!"

This is the scan of the level which is used directly in the game, and was the first level made with this approach. It's definitely not the most beautiful thing, but it works!

Here's another level, this one was actually made by my brother. It's a nice little cityscape, titled "
Ruined Glory."

And here are the player and sphere graphic files. Not much to comment on it besides the asymmetry.

And the original works before being scanned into a computer! As well as a little bit of some other levels on the side.

That's pretty much all I got for now, it's not too much I'm really talking about today but development is getting a lot closer to completion. An early 2024 release is the plan, and I'm excited to finish this all up and get this out!


That's all for now! Thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.